Terminal Equipment

We use the latest technology throughout our facilities. Onsite equipment is continually upgraded, replaced, and improved as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, operational efficiency, exceptional service and client satisfaction.

Our wide assortment of equipment, combined with many of our own customized design features, results in speedy and efficient handling of all inbound and outbound cargo.


Equipment currently in use at Lynnterm

  • 92,000 lb., 90,000 lb., 80,000 lb., and 60,000 lb. lift trucks with 20' and 40' expandable heads for containers, heavy lifts and steel
  • 55,000 lb. low overhead lift truck to serve Ro/Ro vessels
  • Wood pulp, steel and container handling
  • 15,000 lb., 12,000 lb., 8,000 lb. lift trucks for plywood, wood pulp and general cargo
  • 6,000 lb. internal combustion-powered lift trucks and 7,000 lb. electric lift trucks for railcar unloading, and containerized cargo
  • Fork, clamp and a variety of specialized equipment attachments for wood pulp, lumber, OTR Tires and other specialized cargo
  • Tractor-trailer transport systems for moving forest products and general cargo to and from vessels
  • Rubber-tired wheel-loaders adapted for onsite railcar handling
  • Regenerative air sweepers to maintain warehouse and site cleanliness
  • Specialized gear and equipment for a broad spectrum of specialized cargo-handling applications