Western Stevedoring
15 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, BC  V7J 2J9

Visitor Policy

To visit Lynnterm, you must have valid access credentials – either a Port Pass or a Visitor Pass:

  • Port Passes may be obtained through sponsoring organizations.  
  • Visitor Passes are available at the Terminal with pre-approval by the Terminal and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). To obtain pre-approval, visitors must provide valid government-issued photo identification (typically a Passport or Driver’s License). This is required by CBSA Form C6 (Permission for Special Purposes), which must be submitted to the CBSA for approval prior to visitors arriving at the terminal. 

Visitors to our terminal attending to business on board a vessel must make arrangements through this vessel’s agent in advance who is responsible for submitting a written visitor list to Western Stevedoring.

Site-Specific Requirements

Lynnterm is an “Operating Facility” and the following Site Specific Safety and Security Requirements are mandatory for entering and working in this facility:

  1. High visibility vest.
  2. CSA-approved steel toe safety boots.
  3. Valid access permit or Port ID card displayed above the waist.
  4. Walk only in designated walkways. Access to warehouses and work areas is limited to only those working in the area. Do not “cut between” cargo piles.
  5. Obey all posted traffic signs and traffic flow patterns, and park only in designated areas.
  6. Speed limit in open areas is 20 km/h.
  7. Seat belts must be worn in ALL vehicles.
  8. No Idling: Engines must not be running while vehicles are parked.