Stakeholder and Public Consultation

Stakeholder and Public Consultation

Western is committed to providing relevant, timely, and understandable Project information to the public and identified stakeholders. Western will undertake public consultation activities to offer opportunities for stakeholders to provide input and feedback regarding Project design and implementation, and consider and incorporate stakeholder input and feedback.

Category D Projects require two phases of public and stakeholder consultation: Preliminary Review Phase and Application Review Phase.

Western is currently in Preliminary Review Phase, and is conducting online and in-person consultation between DATE and DATE to share information about the proposed Project. During this time, Western will gather and consider feedback from the public and all stakeholders regarding the proposed Project, and proposed technical and environmental studies.

During this Preliminary Review Phase, Western is also engaging with local residents and businesses, elected officials, municipal staff, and other key stakeholders.

Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement

Western is committed to engaging with Aboriginal Groups in a manner that honors and respects the unique rights and interests of Aboriginal Peoples. Western is working with VFPA to undertake Aboriginal consultation to ensure that our proposed Project will not adversely impact asserted or established Aboriginal or Treaty rights.