Proposed Lynnterm Breakbulk Consolidation Project 

Proposed Project

The proposed Lynnterm Breakbulk Consolidation Project requires leasing from VFPA 8 acres (3.2 hectares) of new commercial property under a long term lease. When turned over to Western, the site will be free of all above and underground buildings and structures, and in a state that would allow construction to begin with minimal delay. 

On the newly acquired property, the proposed Project will require:

  • A new 5400 m2 storage shed.
  • Paved cargo storage and handling yard complete with new tower lighting and fencing.
  • New or relocated site utilities including stormwater, electrical, water, and sanitary sewer.
  • A new 145-stall employee parking lot north of Dominion Street complete with lighting and fencing. This will be a relocation of a portion of the existing employee parking lot.
  • Realigning Dominion Street and the intersection with Harbour Avenue to maximize an open storage yard and improve truck access to the terminal as well as access to Harbour View Park.

On the existing Lynnterm property, the proposed Project will also require:

  • Relocating the lumber truck entrance to the northern side of the site.
  • Demolition of one existing small shed, relocation of three small fabric sheds and erecting two new fabric sheds.

The proposed Project will not require any in-water works.


Why is the Project needed?

In recent decades there has been a shift towards shipping Canada’s export forest products in containers resulting in a decline in overall breakbulk cargo volumes. Market indications are that current Lynnterm volumes are sustainable for the foreseeable future.

In response, Western has reduced its North Vancouver breakbulk terminal capacity by providing 65 acres to the G3 Grain Terminal to support increasing volumes of export grain products through the West Coast. In order to maintain its breakbulk business, Western seeks to consolidate its remaining breakbulk business at a single location. This will require approximately 8 acres of additional land to the 80 acre terminal and reconfiguring some facilities and infrastructure to maximize the site’s full importing and exporting potential.

Western’s current breakbulk operations provide significant indirect employment and contracting benefits to suppliers and nearby businesses. Western is committed to using local suppliers and labour whenever feasible.

Who is leading the Project?

Western is leading the Lynnterm Breakbulk Consolidation Project, and will be applying for all approvals required from the VFPA to undertake the Project.

Who is funding the Project?

Western Stevedoring is funding this Project.

How long will the Project take to build?

Western anticipates this Project to be completed within 12 months after all necessary permits have been obtained.

Existing Lynnterm Site

Proposed Lynnterm Breakbulk Consolidation Project