Western invites the public to comment on its proposed project at any time. We welcome feedback on our proposed project from interested stakeholders, nearby residents, and businesses during the Preliminary Review Phase comment period between XX, 2017 and XX, 2017.

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Provide written submissions to:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 604-904-2809
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    Western Stevedoring,
    15 Mountain Highway,
    North Vancouver  V7J 2J9

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Jeanette O’Brien, Director, Human Resources and Community Relations, Western Stevedoring, 604-904-2805.

How will feedback be used?

Feedback received by DATE will be considered as Western finalizes the scope of its technical and environmental studies, and will be considered in Project design and implementation. Feedback will be compiled for VFPA in a Summary Report, and Western will also provide VFPA with a Consideration Report to illustrate how it has considered feedback received. Both of these reports will be available here and XXX. When satisfied that the comments received have been adequately considered in the application, VFPA will initiate a formal review process, which will include further opportunities for public comment and input.

Western welcomes input received outside of formal consultation and review periods, and will consider all input received on an ongoing basis.

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