Approvals and Studies

What approvals are needed?

The proposed project is subject to review by VFPA, and Western must obtain approval from VFPA before any work can be undertaken. VFPA’s Project and Environmental Review process allows VFPA to ensure all developments and activities meet applicable standards and minimize environmental and community impacts. VFPA will not authorize or allow a project to proceed if it is likely to result in significant adverse impacts. If VFPA approves a project, environmental conditions are included in the permit to ensure any potential impacts identified are eliminated or mitigated, and the activity will not harm fish, plants or wildlife.

Western will need to obtain the following approvals prior to any development or construction works:

  • VFPA Project Permit
  • VFPA Building Permit

This Project is a Category D Project and Environmental Review under VFPA’s Project and Environmental Review process, primarily because it requires a change in land use for the new 8 acres of land acquired by VFPA. Category D Projects require a number of technical and environmental studies, public and stakeholder consultation, and Aboriginal consultation.

Plans, Reports, and Studies

Western is working with a team of experts to complete plans, reports, and technical studies required to inform preliminary design and project permit applications. VFPA requires that these studies be undertaken, and further information about VFPA’s scope requirements for these studies can be found here