Equipment & Gear

Our equipment and gear has helped make Western Stevedoring an industry leader in break-bulk cargo handling.

We pride ourselves on having the right piece of equipment for the important task at hand. The main drivers for our constant equipment innovation are the ever-changing cargoes that cross our terminals, our concern for the safety of our personnel, and our ongoing focus on cargo care.

We use a range of equipment and gear to assist us in our cargo exchanges, including:

  • Wood pulp heads
  • Lumber frames
  • Purpose-built steel handling equipment (clamps, hooks, chain slings)
  • Cargo frames
  • Container frames
  • Heavy lift frames
  • Heavy lift wires and slings
  • Auto log heads

Safety Equipment

One of our most important gear sections is safety equipment, a necessity in the break-bulk cargo handling business. To ensure the safety of our personnel and customers, and the safe handling of our cargo, our equipment is regularly inspected and certified.

Our safety equipment includes:

  • Ladders
  • Safety cages
  • Fall arrest gear
  • Descent gear
  • Respiratory equipment

Gear Locker

Western Stevedoring has a modern Gear Locker on site. The Locker is staffed by our highly knowledgeable workforce, who service, certify and maintain a diverse range of equipment for use throughout our terminals and ship stevedoring operations.

Because we often service multiple vessels at the same time, and in different ports and berths, the Locker ensures we get the right equipment to the right vessel, and with minimal delays.