Environment Overview

Western’s Environmental Approach

Western Stevedoring strives to protect the environment and sustainability of the harbours where we work. Western’s leadership team has developed a strategic environmental program, which includes the implementation of our Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Policy.

Meeting Our Obligations

Western Stevedoring’s strategic environmental program ensures adequate resources are provided to meet the company’s obligations – including compliance with applicable legal obligations, as well as environmental objectives and targets.

The program also establishes a regular audit and monitoring program to ensure continual improvement.


Employee Commitment

Our employees are committed to protecting the environment by helping to prevent pollution, protect biodiversity and ecosystems, reduce waste, and minimize the consumption of resources.

They also strive to satisfy customers’ environment requirements, while continuing to offer them a high level of service.


Going Green

Western is engaged in various independent and port-related programs to monitor and reduce our emissions.

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Community Integration

The community is an integral partner in our environmental activities, with specific emphasis on the following areas which lie adjacent to our operations.

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